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Government Auctions

Item Disposal

Government ministries and departments make their own arrangements for disposing of items.  Some of these are disposed of via auctions, and some are sold by other means, for example by companies who are specialised in this field.  The relevant sources are listed in the members area.

Newer Goods

Government auctions may often contain newer items for sale than more traditional auctions.  This is because sometimes the government sets up temporary organisations (for example, following a national emergency).  After the work of that temporary organisation is complete, it will often close, leaving computers and other equipment surplus to requirements that needs to be disposed of quickly and cheaply.

Government Auction Sources

Police and Government Auction Sources UK is available as a PDF document that contains 40 pages of information and access to our members area, where you can access the websites, telephone numbers and locations for auction establishments all over the UK that deal with the items mentioned above.  The auction sources are split into sections:

Download 40 page PDF

We have recently added a new section, Bankrupt and Surplus Stock. Here you can find sources allowing you to obtain end of line and surplus mail order stock.