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Introducing Penny Auctions

Pick up Electrical Goods and Gadgets Extremely Cheaply

Every day, brand new top name products such as plasma televisions, mobile phones and games consoles are auctioned at incredibly low prices - hence the name penny auctions!  With penny auctions, each bid raises the price by just 1p.  Check out the ended auctions to see some examples of great prices.

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Ended Auctions

Here are some examples of the bargains you can get at penny auctions:

         Retail price £265.99 sold for £5.12

         Retail price £129.00 sold for £1.92

         Retail price £900.00 sold for £1.79

         Retail price £12,145.00 sold for £6.83

Current Auctions

         Retail price £299.00 currently with a high bid of £4.18

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